The NEXT level music school - providing expert music programs in a collaborative studio environment

Making music is more than lessons...

Inspiration + Songwriting + Technique + Collaboration + Performance

Our programs are designed to be comprehensive and provide ALL the skills needed to making great music.  Our students receive individualized lessons, learn how to craft songs, record their own music, and collaborate with other musicians on recording and public performances.

Comprehensive Music Education Programs

Group and private lessons


Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Drum Lessons, Rock & Jazz bands

Learn and collaborate in a professional recording studio environment


Song Composition and Songwriting, Recording and Mixing lessons

Perform with other musicians as a band at real music venues


Perform with others in a band and as a group


Tommy Benson


  • 25 years teaching experience
  • Host of Jazz Quest Radio & Guitar Gods Power Hour on KX 93.5 FM
  • Graduate with honors from Jazz Guitar Performance Program at The Players School of Music, Tampa FL
  • Teaches Guitar at ALL levels and styles from Classical to Metal
  • Teaches song composition, music theory, composing and arranging
  • Father of Laguna Beach Unified School District student
  • Plays regularly at private events, music venues in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach

Frank Arellano


  • Music composer for commercials, film, and TV, including shows on Bravo, History, Nat Geo, HBO, NBC, ESPN
  • 25 years experience as session and touring musician
  • 18+ years experience as engineer and producer
  • 12 years teaching/managing youth programs
  • Teaches Music Production, Song Composition, Mixing, Bass Guitar, Drums
  • Father of three boys in the Laguna Beach School District
  • In multiple original and cover bands that perform regularly in Laguna Beach, Including School Power fundraiser and Top of the World Bonanza


Dave Sherman


  • Attended Berklee College of Music 
  • Born and raised in Boston, MA
  • 16 years audio engineering experience - recording, mixing, mastering
  • 9 years teaching experience
  • Teaches,  Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
  • Plays in multiple bands and has toured all over the country from small venues to 10,000 capacity festivals
  • Plays in bands regularly at Laguna Beach Venues
  • Produced songs for TV and radio

Jason Prefontaine


  • Born and raised in Orange County 
  • 19 years teaching experience
  • Teaches piano and voice
  • Attended Fullerton college
  • Performed in musicals such as, West Side Story (Tony), Godspell (Jesus), Into The Woods (Jack), And many others. 
  • Toured the US and Canada with the all American Boys Chorus
  • Musical theatre composer, Cabaret artist, Music director, and A cappella arranger

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