Recording & Music Production

Creative Team

Frank Arellano and team compose, record, mix, produce music and/or voice for musical artists, television shows, films, and radio and tv commercials.

Production Services

We help with recording from soloists to full bands, all genres, voice overs, ADR, sound design, and mixing. Please contact us for rates.

Quality Gear

Computer - iMac Pro 8-core Intel Xeon W, 64GM RAM, 8TB SSD drives

Software - Pro Tools HDX, Logic ProX, Source Connect, Waves, McDSP, SoundToys

Controller/Console - Avid C24

Outboard - Neve, API, Avalon, Heritage Audio, Manley, Universal Audio, Focusrite

Speakers - Genelec, KRK, Avantone

Mics - Neumann, Royer, Lauten Audio, AKG, Shure, Beyer Dynamic, Audix  

Instruments - Yamaha grand piano, DW & Yamaha drums, Fender, Gibson, Versoul, Taylor, Larrivee, Modulus, Sadowsky, James Tyler guitars/bass.  Fender, Bogner, Aguilar, Eden, Mesa, Peavey, Orange amps